Everything Comes to Amazon Prime Video in January 2021


Launch in January with these new releases coming to Amazon Prime Video.


Do you need a new binge? Try The Great Escapists, who sees The Grand Toursee Richard Hammond and Mythbusters‘Tory Belleci tries to survive on a deserted island; Flack, which has a group of publicists trying to clean up after bad behavior of their celebrity clients; or Tandav, which exposes the dark side of Indian politics. You can also watch the long-awaited final season of historical drama Vikings, premiere right before the new year.

Original movies that appear on the streaming service include Herself, who has a single mother (Clare Dunne) who is trying to build an affordable home for her two children after escaping from her abusive ex, and A night in Miami …, depicting a fictionalized encounter between a group of black legends.

Watch everything that comes Amazon Prime Video in January 2021 below.

Top choice: A night in Miami …

Based on the play of the same name, A night in Miami … let the famous Malcolm X (Kingsley Ben-Adir), Muhammad Ali (Eli Goree), Jim Brown (Aldis Hodge) and Sam Cooke (Leslie Odom Jr.) gather in a hotel room in Miami after Ali won a boxing match against Ali Sonny Liston in February 1964.

We want to see how this fateful night of these icons plays out – especially since the drama has received so much praise from critics. Although there is a lot of noise about Regina King’s directorial skills, early viewers also rejoiced at the talented cast and compelling screenplay.


A single night. Lots to love.

How to watch: A night in Miami starts on January 15 Amazon Prime Video.


1900 (1/1)
A night on the Roxbury (1/1)
Arachnophobia (1/1)
Bloody Sunday (1/1)
Broken arrow (1/1)
Brothers (1/1)
Chaplin (1/1)
Cloverfield (1/1)
Coneheads (1/1)
Confessions of a shopaholic (1/1)
Donnie Brasco (1/1)
Dr Strangelove Or: How I learned not to worry anymore and to love the bomb (1/1)
Escape from Alcatraz (1/1)
Eve’s Bayou (1/1)
Face / off (1/1)
Frankenstein And The Monster From Hell (1/1)
Girl probably (1/1)
Strength Chuck (1/1)
Gun Fight in Durango (1/1)
Shooting Fight On The OK Corral (1/1)
In out (1/1)
Jazz (1/1)
Kiss the girls (1/1)
Last of the Mohicans (1/1)
Legion (1/1)
Like a boss (1/1)
Love The Coopers (1/1)
Major League (1/1)
Master and Commander: The Farthest Side of the World (1/1)
Peggy Sue is married (1/1)
Places In The Heart (1/1)
Premonition (1/1)
Pride (1/1)
Pressure (1/1)
As for Henry (1/1)
Drive out for revenge (1/1)
Salt (1/1)
Signed, sealed, delivered (1/1)
Signs (1/1)
Sielskos (1/1)
St. Elmo’s fire (1/1)
Starman (1/1)
Star Trek Beyond (1/1)
The copper legend (1/1)
The Mcmullen brothers (1/1)
The cooler (1/1)
The devil’s own (1/1)
The firm (1/1)
The interview (1/1)
The Legend Of Bagger Vance (1/1)
The longest site (1/1)
The peacemaker (1/1)
The fast and the dead (1/1)
The sons of Katie Elder (1/1)
The town (1/1)
The Truman Show (1/1)
Tyler Perry’s The Family That Preys (1/1)
Vampire In Brooklyn (1/1)
Virtuosity (1/1)
Walk long (1/1)
War (1/1)
When a man loves a woman (1/1)
Where hope grows (1/1)
Wonder Boys (1/1)
Mighty Oak (1/6)
Gretel & Hansel (1/7)
Herself (1/8)
The silence (1/8)
The rhythm section (1/11)
A night in Miami (1/15)
Alone (1/18)
Kuikengeveg (1/29)
Mortal (1/29)


The Great Escapists (TBD)
Ancient Civilizations of North America: Season 1 (1/1)
Baby Looney Tunes: Season 1 (1/1)
Beecham House: Season 1 (1/1)
Raising assets: Season 1 (1/1)
Change body composition through diet and exercise: Season 1 (1/1)
Commandments: Season 1 (1/1)
Dexter: Seasons 1-8 (1/1)
I survived. . . Out and back: Season 1 (1/1)
Rocco Schiavone: Ice Cold Murders: Season 1 (1/1)
Simple Ming: Season 14 (1/1)
Texas Metal: Season 1 (1/1)
The universe: Season 1 (1/1)
Tandav: Season 1 (1/15)
Pandora: Season 2 (1/18)
Grantchester: Season 5 (1/19)
Flack: Season 1 (1/22)



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