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Kurulus Osman Episode 30 English Subtitles


If you recalled, last week, Osman had followed Kuzgun to a Mongol camp. Yavlak Aslan kills Kuzgun for his unsuccessful mission in killing Osman. Yavlak also kills the leader of the Mongols, who is “Monke.”


When Osman arrives on the scene, he finds only the bodies of dead Mongols. Osman and his Alps also find Kuzgun hanging from a tree with a note tucked inside his coat. One of the Mongols is alive and keeps repeating the name “Monke.” At the time, Osman has no idea who “Monke” is but later finds out that he is Geyhatu’s son.

The cutting down of Kuzgun activates a trap, and Osman receives an arrow shaft in his leg.

The wound to Osman’s leg makes his progress in traveling home a slow one. He shares with Gunduz that somebody made an attempt on his life with inside knowledge. Somebody who knew that Ertugrul was coming home. Only somebody who knew how much he loved his father would see that he would travel anywhere to be close to him.

Meanwhile, Yavlak has made his escape from the Mongol camp and joins up with Cerkutay. (Cerkutay was thought to be slain by Goktug’s sword in Series 1, but as we can see, he lives to fight another day.)

Cerkutay and Yavlak have joined forces. Yavlak sends Cerkutay on a mission to tell Geyhatu that Osman has taken his son, hoping that Geyhatu, in return, comes to Sogut searching for him and will kill Osman for him.


Back at Inegol Castle, Flatius finds his shipment of gunpowder has been stolen. All signs lead to the Turks. Aya Nickola is not happy about this.

Savci places the protection of the stolen gunpowder in the hands of his Uncle Dundar at Kulchaisar Castle. Dundar is told to guard it well.

The plague, which was introduced by Aya Nickola, has progressed, and many are dying. Aya Nickola’s plan seems to be working well. His weapon against the Turks will be time.

At the Kayi nomad, Yavlak Aslan visits Ertugrul. He has told his sister that his plan to overthrow Ertugrul has begun. Ertugrul, however, is smart and already suspects Yavlak and his sister. Ertugrul sends Hazal Hatun out of the nomad to take up her place beside her husband Dundar Bey at Kulchaisar Castle.


That evening at Kulchaisar Castle, Flatius finds the gunpowder store and ignites it. A massive explosion rips through the night.

Meanwhile, the drums of the Kayi Village finally herald the arrival of Osman at the nomad. Ertugrul hears the drums, and his face lights up when he hears the tribe raise their voices in praise and admiration for their beloved Osman.

Osman, although in pain, has waited a long time to see his father. He limps into the family tent.

Their first sight of each other is one of awe, not believing that finally, they are together. They soak up their first sight of each other slowly and then embrace. Osman kisses his hand in deep respect and love.


Yavlak also has arrived at the Kayi nomad. He is received in Ertugrul’s tent. There is a strained air between Osman, Gunduz, and Yavlak. There is a suspicion that he was the one responsible for trying to kill Osman. This does not go unnoticed by Ertugrul.

Yavlak denies having any knowledge of Kuzgun’s activities. Ertugrul accepts his apology, but Osman and Gunduz certainly do not believe him.

Osman is tired out after his painful journey and retires to his tent. His Bala welcomes him. She can see that Osman needs her attention and sets about tending his wounds.

Boran Alp is interested in Gonca, and he makes a play for her. She accepts his attentions.


Osman now gets ready to welcome his brother Savci. He has not seen Savci for many years. He has been fighting in the Crimea.

Osman knows that Savci will attack Inegol Castle for blowing up the gunpowder and asking to go with him. His request is denied. This is the first time that Savci shows his brother his attitude of superiority towards him. Osman feels a sense of intimidation.

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Savci avenges the attack on the castle by entering Inegol Castle via the underground and killing their guards. The next morning the sight of his murdered guards infuriates Flatius and Aya Nickola. They want revenge, and they want it soon.

That evening Osman and Ertugrul break bread together. Ertugrul asks his son if he finds the nomad prepared for an enemy attack. Osman believes they are well trained, but he would like to have gunpowder to add to their ammunition.

A meeting of the Kayi Council is called. It is the first time that Ertugrul has received all his Bey’s for a long time. They have many issues to get through.

The discussion falls on the plague; Gunduz Bey is nominated to look into the rats’ extermination and the disease.

Kulchaiser Castle is placed in the hands of Gunduz, and Dundar Bey is assigned to Sogut.

Osman waits for his father’s decision for himself hoping it is the leadership of the soldiers. His father addresses him and gives him praise for his bravery but nothing else.

Ertugrul hands the leadership of the Alps to Savci, his eldest son. This decision hurts Osman. He feels jealousy but accepts his father’s ruling. Osman is used to giving the orders himself. He now has to accept taking orders from his brother. The Council meeting closes in prayer, but Ertugrul’s decision hangs heavy over some of its members.

Meanwhile, it has been a long journey for Cerkutay. He has arrived in Konya and is received by Geyhatu, the Mongol.

Cerkutay is full of fear when he faces Geyhatu. He lies and tells him that Osman has captured his son and killed all his Mongol Nokers. Geyhatu takes the news like a slap in the face. Just as Yavlak Aslan and Cerkutay hoped, Geyhatu swears that he will find Osman and kill him and his family. Little does Geyhatu know that his son is already dead.

At Inegol Castle, Aya Nickola and Flatius believe that a Turkish spy has been placed inside the castle, but they do not know who it is.

Meanwhile, back at the Kayi nomad, Osman is filled with anger and hurt after his father decides to make Savci the leader of his Alps. He rides out of the Village, frustrated with his pride hurt. He rides far into the hills where he can calm his burning spirit.

Afterward, he arrives back in a calmer mood and walks into his father’s tent to find Savci sitting on his father’s fur. Osman walks up to his brother and tells him that he disagrees with Aya Nickola. He tells him that he is not responsible for the trap which was set for him. He believes that Yavlak Arslan gave Kuzgun the order.

Savci does not take Osman’s suggestion seriously. He tells Osman that he is impatient, brave, and young, and not everything that crosses his mind is right. He tells him that In the future, he will know his place and take his orders from Ertugrul or himself.

Savci places a hand on his brother’s shoulder, but Osman brushes him away. Osman tells him that he has seen many come to the nomad with great ambition to lead the Kais.

Savci takes this as an insult and strikes Osman across the face. In return, Osman strikes his brother back. At one time, Osman would never consider such a thing, but now he is not a boy to be put in his place.

A savage fight erupts between the siblings, and they give blow for blow. The intensity of the fight takes them outside of the tent and into the full view of the tribe. Realizing that the tribe is now watching them and their fight will lead them to believe in a leadership division. They have to make light of their fight in front of the tribe. They make the fight seem like sibling rivalry, but deep down, the brothers know the fight is severe.

That evening Ertugrul breaks bread with his family. As they sit around the table, he tells them that Geyhatu has left Konya and is on his way to Sogut, bringing him an army of Mongol Nokers.

Ertugrul believes that an ambassador from the Kais should be sent to Geyhatu, giving him their best wishes, and to find out his intention.

Osman asks his father to send him, but Ertugrul bypasses his son and elects Savci to go instead.



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