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Kurulus Osman Episode 31 English Subtitles


A letter has been received by Ertugrul telling him that Geyhatu has left Konya with a large army of Nokers, and he is heading for Sogut.


Geyhatu is under the impression that Osman has kidnapped his son Monke. Cerkutay was sent to Konya by Yavlak Arslan to lie to Geyhatu and blame Osman. Yavlak hopes that Geyhatu will travel to Sogut and kill Osman. This will save him from doing the job himself.

Yavlak Arslan also wants to play for the leadership of the Kayi tribe and has placed his sister in the camp to be his ears.

Osman was also very hurt by his brother’s dominance and his father’s dismissal of his ability to lead the Alps. Ertugrul has given Savci the duty of meeting with Geyhatu, something that Osman would have dearly loved to do, except that his father has refused to let him go.

Ertugrul sends Dundar Bey on a mission to meet with Aya Nickola. Ertugrul has drawn up a new agreement designed to keep Aya Nickola happy. Whatever happens between the groups, they will adopt an eye-for-an-eye attitude. Ertugrul hopes the agreement will keep the infidels satisfied whilst he deals with the growing threat of Geyhatu.

The time has come for Savci to leave on his mission to meet Geyhatu. It is a mission full of dangers, and Osman holds it against his father for not letting him go.


Osman has decided to go after Savci, and after catching up with him, he begs him to allow him to go along. Once again, he is refused. Savci tells his brother that he knows only too well that Geyhatu wants to take Osman’s head, and he could not return and tell his father that his youngest son is dead. Osman tells his brother that there is nobody who understands the Mongols better than him. Never-the-less his brother will not let him go.

Ertugrul joins his sons and makes Osman obey him and return to the nomad. On arriving back at the nomad, Osman is in a fit of temper and frustration. He has just been put in his place by his older brother and his father all at one time.

Bala runs to him and tries to comfort him. She throws herself into his arms, trying to calm his trembling body. Never has he felt so frustrated, angry, and defeated.

The peace mission led by Dundar Bey has arrived at Inegol Castle. He is ushered into Aya Nickola’s presence. For the present, Aya Nickola accepted Ertugrul’s agreement and signed it. Flatius, on the other hand, wants no such peace agreement between the two, only revenge.


Osman needs to calm his soul, so he rides out of the camp looking for the Holy Man. He tells him that his brother has gone after Geyhatu when it should have been him. He asks the Holy Man to help him solve his problem. He also tells him that all his Alps are ready to follow him, but he can’t do anything. We do not know what the Holy Man’s advice gives Osman, but that evening, Osman returns to his father’s tent and sits and breaks bread with him.

Osman tells Dundar Bey and his father that he doesn’t believe that they should have agreed with Aya Nickola, as Aya Nickola has come to Sogut to rule it. Osman believes they should have attacked Aya Nickola and taken back Inegol Castle.

Meanwhile, Savci arrives at Geyhatu’s camp. Savci has to fight his way to Geyhatu’s tent, but when Geyhatu finds out that Savci is the son of Ertugrul Ghazi, he receives him.

Inside Gayhatu’s tent, the atmosphere is dank, dark, and dangerous. Geyhatu draws his most sharpened sword in preparation to welcome his guest. Savci tells Geyhatu that he has enemies who want to depose his reign in Konya and try to create trouble with the Kais by blaming Osman for his son’s disappearance. Savci wants Geyhatu to concentrate on finding them and learning the truth.


Geyhatu asks Savci how does he know that Konke isn’t dead already. Savci replies because if Osman killed his son, he would have cut him into little pieces just as he did when he sent him Subutay’s head.

Savci makes a good deal with Geyhatu. He lets him go on the proviso that he brings him his son.

Now Cerkutay is in the tent when all this is going on. He continually tries to get Geyhatu to make war with the Kais, but Geyhatu is not listening to him.

Savci swears to Geyhatu that he will prove that he has been tricked when he brings him his son. Geyhatu gives Savci 3 days in which to find him. Geyhatu promises to flatten Sogut with his army if Savci doesn’t keep his word.


Savci has been successful in his attempt to bargain with Geyhatu, but Cerkutay is not that pleased. He is seen whispering to one of his Nokers. No doubt the message will be passed to Yavlak Aslan.

Meanwhile, in an underground cave, Bamsi Bey, who has lived like a hermit, prepares to journey to see Ertugrul. He has been absent from the Kayi nomad for quite some time. He has aged considerably, and his appearance has greatly changed.

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Credit: Kayi Family
Savci and his Alps are ambushed on the road not far from Geyhatu’s camp. They do battle with their attackers and capture one. They torture him to find out where Monke is being held. Their captive tells them that he is being held in an underground fort on the Black Sea coast. Savci makes haste to journey to the Black Sea. What they don’t see is Osman’s Holy Man listening closely from behind a bush.

Lena, who is Savci’s wife, comes face to face with Flatius at the marketplace. They recognize each other immediately. Lena meets with him shortly after. Flatius is a mighty man but allows Lena to place a knife at his throat. She asks him what he wants from the people of the Marketplace.

He looks into her eyes and tells her that she hasn’t changed and she still looks the same. He admits that he still loves her. She tells him she never wants to see his face again.

Meanwhile, Goktug falls into a trap. He is approached by a small boy who asks him to help his father, who is being beaten by a Christian soldier belonging to Aya Nickola. Goktug follows the child and rescues his father but wounds the soldier in his attempt. Little does Goktug know that everyone had been paid to lie just so that they can see if Ertugrul will stand by his agreement of an eye-for-an-eye.

As Ertugrul’s agreement states, an eye-for-an-eye. Flatius warns Dundar that if his soldier dies, then the life of Goktug will also be taken. Dundar Bey has no other choice but to send Goktug to the dungeons.

Osman hears of Goktug’s arrest and goes immediately to Ertugrul. He challenges his father’s new agreement that he has made with Aya Nickola. He tells his father that this eye-for-an-eye agreement could lead to the death of his best friend.

Ertugrul reprimands Osman for interfering. Osman is greatly disappointed in his father and tells him so. He also asks his father why he treats him like he does. His father tells him that he is a Bey, and being a father has nothing to do with it. Ertugrul motions for him to leave his tent, but deep down, he knows that Osman is right, but he has to stand by his agreement for the sake of peace.

At Inegol Castle, Flatius kills the soldier who set up Goktug. He will now press for the death penalty.

Before Osman can go against Ertugrul’s orders, Goktug is rescued by Abdurrahman Gazi under the secret orders from Ertugrul. Goktug is told to leave Sogut without drawing attention to himself and ride to join Osman Bey until Geyhatu has been dealt with.

Savci and his Alps have arrived at the Black Sea coast’s dungeons, where they have been told Geyhatu’s son is being held. Savci cannot make out who the guards are working for.

Monke is found tied up when Savci arrives. Savci can kill the armed guards surrounding him and cuts him down. Savci is then set upon by a horde of guards, and still, he cannot identify them.

A savage battle breaks out in the underground dungeons. Savci is not aware that he has fallen into a trap. The man he thought was Monke turns on him and slashes him in the back with his sword, and places his foot across his throat. Savci can make out the form of Yavlak Aslan as he walks into the room and congratulates his men on a job well done.

At Kuluchaisar Castle, Aya Nickola has come demanding an interview with Ertugrul. His soldier is dead, and he wants revenge. Ertugrul is told that he will have a war with Geyhatu and himself if he doesn’t honor his agreement. Ertugrul tells him that he will stand by his Agreement and deliver the man he wants, but he warns him that if anything should happen to Goktug in the meantime, he will come looking for him.

Meanwhile, Osman rides through the woods alone to find that Flatius has laid an ambush for him.

He is chased through the woods with Flatius and his men right on his tail. Osman is surrounded with nowhere to run. He is trapped. Flatius has found out that Goktug has escaped from the castle dungeons, and he demands Osman gives him up.

Osman’s situation is not good. He is only one against many. So it comes as a surprise to see Bamsi Bey coming to his aid. With Bamsey Bey’s great aim with his bow and arrows, his attackers are dealt with quickly. They fight back to back, just like old times.


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