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Kurulus Osman Episode 33 English Subtitles


Continuing from the conclusion of last week’s episode, Geyhatu has entered the Kayi nomad looking for his son Mongke and Osman, whom he believes kidnapped him.


As fate would have it, just as Geyhatu gets hot under the collar, Savci arrives with the captured Mongke in tow. Yavlak Aslan’s part in the betrayal of the Kayi tribe is yet to be discovered, but he was responsible for Osman’s kidnapping and Savci’s torture at the hands of Mongke.

Geyhatu calls out loud for his son. Osman pulls Mongke off his horse with very little respect. He is a traitor to his father and a murderer of his own Nokers. Yavlak is concerned his own betrayal may be revealed as well. Geyhatu agrees to listen to Osman and Savci as they tell how his son killed his Nokers and then blamed it on Osman.

In his own tent, Ertugrul is very ill. Prayers are said over him as he fights for his life.

Meanwhile, Aya Nickola prepares to attack Kuluchaiser Castle while Geyhatu keeps the Kais busy with his presence. Through the underground tunnels, his approach has been organized by Helen, Sofia’s most trusted servant, who knows the secrets of the castle very well.

The Turkish guards are poisoned, and the gates are opened, leading to a great slaughter. Aya Nickola now has taken Inegol Castle, and Kuluchaiser Castle, and his power are growing.


At the Kayi tribe, Geyhatu is told that his son planned to kill him and take Konya. His death was also to be blamed on Osman.

Bamsi Bey tells the group that Mongke cannot be blamed if there is no proof. Osman assures Geyhatu that there is proof. He tells him that he is having Cerkutay brought to the nomad to confess Mongke’s plan. Yavlak Aslan hears it all and also understands that if Cerkutay talks, he will also expose Yavlak.

Mongke knows that Cerkutay will talk, so he breaks down and asks his father to forgive him. He grovels on the floor before him telling him that he made a mistake and he was sorry. Geyhatu does not hesitate to cut his son’s throat.

Mongke is paraded dead in front of the Kais for trying to kill Geyhatu. Inside the tent, Geyhatu walks up to Osman and asks him, “There was no Cerkutay was there? “ Osman smiles. Geyhatu tells him that he is a brilliant man. He promises to let Osman know if he finds Cerkutay and let him know who is betraying them both.


Geyhatu has immeasurable respect for Ertugrul, Osman, and Savci. He leaves the nomad. Yavlak is very relieved to see Geyhatu go. He smiles to himself with satisfaction for not being found out.

The three sons of Ertugrul Gazi have well protected the Kais. They have united and been successful in keeping their traditions.

The joy of their victory is short-lived when they are told that their father is desperately ill. Ertugrul clings to his youngest son as he fights for breath. Osman places his arms around him and holds him close. Death is not too far away.

Meanwhile, Osman is brought the news that Kuluchaiser Castle has fallen. One of his proudest moments was when he scaled the walls of Kuluchaiser Castle and planted the Kayi flag for the Turks’ glory. He is now back to where he started, and Aya Nickola has taken the Kayi flag down.


Osman wants to take the castle back as soon as possible. Savci, on the other hand, wants to wait. He wants to negotiate for the release of the captives first. He reminds Osman that he is the Alps leader, and without his order, he has no Alps.

Osman obeys his brother as far as not attacking the Castle, but he takes Boran and Goktug and prepares to save his people by offering money first.

Aygul has a child with Alisar Bey. Selcan Hatun has promised to care for it. Aygul refuses to own the child as her own and has been trained as a warrior by Selcan Hatun. Selcan Hatun and Aygul quietly creep into the Kayi village with the baby. Dundar Bey has no idea that he is a grandfather.

The Holy Man predicts that tomorrow will be a doomsday for the nomad. He cannot find Osman and his Alps. He calls for Mohammad to calm his beating heart.


Savci has called a meeting of the Turkish Council. He notices that Osman has not attended and hopes he has not gone against his brother’s word and gone to Kuluchaiser Castle.

As Savci talks about what he will do to rescue the Turkish captives at the Castle, Osman is already carrying out his plan.

Osman goes against his brother and arrives at Kuluchaiser Castle with two boxes of gold and two Alps, Goktug and Boran.

The Castle guards laugh at him. He hopes that the money will repurchase him the Turkish captives.

At Kuluchaiser Castle, Osman and his Alps are given an audience with Aya Nickola. Flatius greet them, and the atmosphere is tense.

Osman presents Aya Nickola with the two gold boxes he had previously stolen from Aya Nickola anyway. He tells Aya Nickola that he wants to buy the Turkish captives’ lives with his own money. Aya Nickola will not exchange the Turkish captives for the gold.

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Osman takes a knife from inside the box of gold and holds it against the throat of Flatius. He now tells Aya Nickola to exchange the captives for the life of Flatius.

Aya Nickola tells his guards to let the captives go. He also calls for his archer to take Osman down before he leaves the castle.

Osman walks Flatius out of the castle. He can see the captives. An archer lets fly his arrows meaning to kill Osman but hit Flatius instead. He slowly pulls the injured Flatius along with him towards the gates releasing the captives as they go.

Flatius is allowed to go free as Osman promised.

At the Kayi Council, Bamsi Bey is told to keep his mouth shut by Savci after he stood up for Osman in front of the Council. Osman has openly disobeyed Savci, and he has given instructions for him to be arrested as soon as he returns to the nomad. This command does not go down well with the tribe or Gunduz, Dundar Bey, or Bamsi Bey.

Meanwhile, at Geyhatu’s camp Yavlak Arslan tells Geyhatu that if he joins with him, he will help him make Osman and Bamsi Bey bow down before obey him. Geyhatu gives him a seal of authority to use as he sees fit. Yavlak will then be the Bey of the Bey’s Geyhatu tells him.

The drums of the nomad herald the approach of Osman. Cries of welcome and praise are heard as he enters the nomad bringing with him the Turkish captives.

Osman has a huge smile on his face as the villagers swarm all over him in thankfulness.

Savci, on the other hand, stands staunch and rigid on the nomad steps with not a smile on his face.

Osman is expecting to be praised by his brother, but instead, he receives an order for his soldiers to arrest him. Savci is not prepared for the reaction of the people who stand in front and refuse to allow him to be arrested. It is a standoff of power between the two brothers.

Their argument is halted when they are told that Ertugrul is breathing his last.

His three sons run to be by his side and forget the time being that they ever argued.


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