Netflix’s Ethos – A Beautiful Emotional Storm


Netflix can give you a spin every now and then. Ethos, a Turkish show, is one of those outdoor shows, which revolves heavily around the topic of trade, or rather the lack thereof, with our hidden emotions and traumas with beautiful knots to heal those we love with their baggage. The show has a small number of characters, each uniquely vulnerable, who belong to different socio-cultural backgrounds and are unknowingly deeply connected to each other.


Ethos also touches on the discussion around mental health and how it is still considered a taboo in some societies. Ethos, right from the first episode, seems to be a very striking and nuanced representation of the diversity of present-day Turkish society.

Like TRT World, published in an article, “Ethos, takes Turkey by storm”, these words are lacking to express how much worldwide audience has taken this fact through the storm.

Oyeku Karayel, who is popular for the role of Cemre in the Turkish series Kuzey Guney, is the protagonist who plays a character named Meryem. While Meryem seeks help for her unexplained fainting, the viewers are drawn into the world of her family, their past and the world of her therapist (and her therapist’s therapist – I do not know?), All intertwined. Around Meryem also revolves the story of her struggling brother, disturbed sister-in-law, a Hodja, her employer and a little orange cake to say the least.

Although we often like intricate plots and have their own taste, simple and healthy plots like those of Ethos offer a new pace. With short deliveries, this program can definitely be added to your binge watch list. Ethos’ Imdb rating is 8.7 / 10.

In the words of Fahri Karakas, “Ethos” is the best Turkish series that Netflix has ever put to use.



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