Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 28 Urdu Subtitles


In the Kayi Village, all activity is calm and industrious. Tribal members have adopted a normal daily life of peace. Osman and Bala Hatun have been married for quite some time now, and the pressure is on Bala to give Osman a child.


In our last series of Kurulus Osman, Bala had been stabbed in the stomach resulting in a prediction that she may never have a child. Osman, of course, was there and is aware of the prediction. His love for Bala is so deep that he tells her that they will leave their family up to God.

Although Bala has not produced a child for Osman, she enjoys the company of a young orphan named Ahmet, whom she has grown to love very much.

As the Village continues on their daily activities, their calm and tranquility are interrupted by the Christians’ savage attack. Despite defending their village admirably, men, women, and children are slain. Bala has to fight for her life and watch as the Christians take prisoners, including little orphan Ahmet.

The captured Kayi villagers are chained and dragged to Inegol Castle, a Christian stronghold ruled by Tekfur Alexis.

Ahmet and Boran Alp are chained along with the other Alps from the Village. Boran tries to boost their morale by telling them that Osman will come for them. Tekfur Alexis is a formidable foe for Osman. He has a large army and a powerful persona.


When Osman returns to the village and finds dead and injured everywhere, he also finds out that his wife Bala Hatun has been injured in the attack.

Osman hurries to Bala’s bedside, where she tells him that little Ahmet has been captured along with Boran and many of his Alps. Osman knows how much Bala loves little Ahmet and promises her he will bring him back.

Osman prepares to ride to their rescue, but many of his men are either dead or injured after the Christian attack. Osman does not want to delay, and the villagers help prepare weapons and food during the night.

Meanwhile, Alexis agrees. He plans to attack Osman before he can amass an army of Turks. The only difference is Alexis has a huge army of soldiers, whereby Osman has a small group of Turkish fighters. Both groups leave the following day on a mission to do battle.


As Osman closes in on his Christian enemy, he sees his Alps and little Ahmet strung and hanging on wooden crosses in the middle of the battlefield. They are being used as bait to lure Osman into a Christian trap. The Christian army thinks that it is laughable that Osman would attack with such a small band of Turks.

Alexis could not be more wrong. Osman fiercely attacks Alexis and can cut Ahmet free from his wooden cross and free the other chained Alps. Alexis orders his army into the battle. His army of cavalry soldiers and archers attack.

The odds are so very much against Osman, but to Alexis’s surprise, he uses secretly positioned fireballs to stun his enemy. Osman then sends in his Turks to finish them off. There is a savage fight, and no quarter is given.

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Seeing his defeat, Alexis retreats to Inegol Castle and leaves Osman victorious. In the exhausted aftermath of such a savage battle, the Turks feel refreshing rainfall upon them—a blessed gift from God.


Osman falls to his knees and gives thanks to God for his victory. Osman then leads his proud band of Turks home. He brings with him the rescued Ahmet, who has seen some terrible sights and has suffered torture himself. Ahmet finds comfort in the arms of Bala Hatun.

Meanwhile, in Constantinople, Aya Nickola attends Roman leaders to discuss the increasing threat from the Turks. They believe that if they do not stop the Turks soon, they will turn their eyes towards Constantinople.

The emperor commands Aya Nickola to stop the advancing Turks and take back what they lost in Sogut. The Emperor grants Aya Nickola a fearful warrior named Flatius, imprisoned in the dungeons to help him on his mission.

In a Christian prison, Aya Nickola meets with the feared warrior Flatius. There seems to be no love lost between these two. Aya Nickola offers Flatius the job of joining him on the raid against the Kais and Ertugrul Gazi. Obviously, Flatius has had a previous history with Ertugrul and the Kayi tribe and agrees to join him. He views this opportunity as an answer to prayer for revenge.


Firstly they journey to Inegol Castle to find Tekfur Alexis. Alexis had retreated to the castle after being defeated by Osman’s Turks. Aya Nickola and Flatius quickly kill him for his cowardliness in the battle, and Aya Nickola crowns himself as the new Tekfur of Inegol Castle.

Back at the Kayi nomad, news of Ertugrul Bey is brought to Osman in the form of a messenger. The messenger brings a request from Ertugrul, who asks his son to join him at his camp not too far away. Osman is overjoyed, knowing he will see his father after such a long time. He rides out the next morning to meet Ertugrul.

Dundar Bey, hearing that his brother is not too far away, still feels guilt about his betrayal of the tribe and Osman. When Ertugrul arrives, he will find it hard to look him in the face.

Meanwhile, Flatius delivers the first invisible attack against the Kais. Aya Nickola has given him poison, which he sprinkles on the produce in the market. He then releases deadly rats into the market place.

Back at the Kayi Village, the drums herald the arrival of Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul rides into the Kai nomad and is greeted like a King. Ertugrul is eager to see his son and calls for Osman. Dundar and Gunduz look at each other puzzled.


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