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Kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 12 Urdu subtitles are available now. Watch what happened when they enter Ertugrul Tent in Kurulus Osman Episode 39.



Bala met Targun with a spy in the forest. To hide the secret message, she eats the paper on which it is written.
Osman and his Alps are led into a trap by Flatius and he tries to kill Osman. In a life and death battle, Yavlak intervenes Arslan and saves Osman’s life. Yavlak will not allow him to take the life of a Turk.

Yavlak tells Osman that he is working with Aya Nickola so he can get close to Geyhatu and kill him. He declares to Osman that he also dreams of a Turkish state and the biggest obstacle he sees in achieving his dream is Osman.

Yavlak tells Osman that Geyhatu is gaining power and if they do not unite against Aya Nickola, the Kais will be defeated. He believes they should strike now before the Mongols leave Anatolia and

As much as Osman hates the thought of uniting with Yavlak, he sees his wisdom in what he says. Geyhatu must die if their tribes want to survive. Osman and Yavlak unite for the fight.

At the Kayi nomad, Ertugrul begins to recover from his deadly disease. He tells Abdurrahman Ghazi not to tell anyone that he is recovering because he needs time to understand well what has been going on since his illness. The time has come to choose a successor and he wants to be able to make the right choice.


Osman and Yavlak Arslan make a plan to kill Geyhatu. Flatius listens to their plans and leaves to pass on the news to Aya Nickola.

Savci visits Bamsi Bey who is left to protect and manage Kuluchaiser Castle in Osman’s absence. He wants Bamsi Bey to stand against Osman if he is elected as Bey at the Toy Council. Bamsi Bey refuses to support him because it is against tradition and Osman is not there.

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Ertugrul power comes back. He thinks it’s clear again. He tells Abdurrahman Ghazi that he has a plan and he wants him to listen carefully.

Meanwhile, in the castle of Inegol, he returns to Aya Nickola after failing Osman. He tells Aya Nickola that Yavlak Arslan has united with Osman and that they will kill Geyhatu. Aya Nickola plans to meet Geyhatu to warn him that Osman and Taylak will come for him and then meet with Targun in the woods.


Aya Nickola talks to Geyhatu and warns him that Osman and Taylak are coming. Aya Nickola sends Flatius to the Kai nomads with a declaration of war written in Geyhatu’s hand.

As the meeting continues, no one knows that Ertugrul is listening to his conversations from his room next door.

Meanwhile, Osman and Yavlak arrived at the Mongolian camp. Neither Osman nor Yavlak knows that the Mongols have been warned that they are going to come.
Flatius arrives at the Kai nomad as ordered by Aya Nickola. He has a letter from Geyhatu submitted to the Beys.
The letter tells him that Geyhatu and the Christians have declared war.

It is a fierce battle, but in the end, the Turks are victorious and not a single Mongol is left alive.


Osman believes that although Geyhatu is gone and has taken his army with him, he will be the Sultan again. Since there is now no war threat with the Mongols, there is only Aya Nickola left for them to take care of and the Inegol castle will be captured.

Yavlak is delighted with their victory. He knows if Geyhatu does return, he can rely on Osman to fight on his side. Yavlak tells Osman that he can have some peace now.
Cerkutay, after fighting with Osman, decides to join the Turkish Alps with Osman’s blessing.

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Meanwhile, Savci is giving a speech at the Kai-nomad. He swears that he did everything for peace, but now that the war has been declared, he is everything for it. Savci decides that they will not hold a Toy Council meeting and he will take the title Bey for himself this morning. He has the support of Dundar Bey. He hopes Osman does not show up.

In contrast, Bamsi Bey and Gunduz have already confirmed that they will not support Savci and that they will maintain the traditions of the tribe. They plan to stand in his way the next morning and stop him.


Targun still has the poison that Aya Nickola gave her to poison the Beys. She considers when to use it.

Osman leaves the Mongol camp and feels powerful in his victory. He knows in himself that he will be the next Bey of all Beys. He drives home to challenge his older brother’s leadership. There is currently no threat of war with Geyhatu and they only have Aya Nickola to deal with.

Osman has no idea what he’s facing when he gets home. The tribe is divided in the middle with Savci challenging leadership and Dundar Bey supporting him. Only Bamsi Bey and Gunduz adhere to the traditions of the tribe.

Ertugrul Bey is not dead yet and Osman is not present to challenge Savci’s claim. In the morning, it could be Turk who kills Turk and brother who kills brother.
Ertugrul who has restored his strength sits at the end of his bed with his sword in front of him. His sword will be given to the next Bey of all Beys he will choose the next day. At this stage, we do not know which boy he has chosen to lead the Kais, but they will certainly be surprised if Ertugrul takes his place again.

In the morning, Savci makes his move. He orders his Alps to help him pull Ertugrul’s sword out of his tent, knowing he will let Bamsi Bey and Gunduz stand in his way.

At the right time, the tribal drums herald the arrival of Osman. Osman takes the scene in front of him. The time has come for him to challenge his brother. Selcan Hatun and Bamsi Bey proudly look at Ertugrul’s youngest son. He is their choice as leader of the Kais.

Osman stares forcefully at his brother. They are not far away from physical blows when interrupted by the figure of Abdurrahman Ghazi calling on the sons of Ertugrul to come and hear the last words of their father.

A rush is made through the tent doors. They are shocked at what they see. They do not see a weakened old man die, but rather the strong form of Ertugrul sitting on his throne.
Ertugrul addresses his sons and tells them that He is the Bey and He is the State.



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