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Kurulus Osman Episode 34 Urdu Subtitles


Our episode concluded last week with the three sons of Ertugrul racing to their father’s side after Savci’s wife alerts them that Ertugrul was dying.


There is a power battle going on between Savci and Osman. Osman refuses to obey his older brother. The brothers love each other, but their fights are more than just sibling rivalry. Osman is becoming frustrated.

Yavlak Aslan continues to have the ear of Savci. Savci cannot see that Yavlak will do anything to take over the nomad.

Yavlak has invited Savci to sit at the Sogut council meeting. Osman has not been invited.

Osman knows that trouble is brewing with Aya Nickola and Flatius at Kuluchaiser castle. Osman wants to attack them now before they get the chance to become stronger. Bala asks him how he is going to achieve that when he doesn’t have any Alps.

Osman predicted that Aya Nickola had enlisted Kuman Turks from Constantinople to help him protect Kuluchaiser Castle. Osman hates the thought of Turks fighting Turks. The Kuman Turks have betrayed their people and are not fighting for the Emperor.


Osman is told that the Kuman Turks have captive the daughter of the Bey of the Kuman Turks. He has been told that they are transporting her to Aya Nickola. Osman takes it upon himself to rescue her on the road.
The woman is called Targun Hatun. She looks at Osman and likes what she sees. He is good looking, powerful, and a Turkish warrior.

Osman is not aware that Targun is a spy, and she never was a captive bound for Aya Nickola.

Targun is forced to do anything Aya Nickola wants. He has imprisoned her father, and she wants to get him released, but Aya Nickola will only release him after Targun has completed her mission.

Osman is told that Cerkutay has been seen around Inegol castle. He sends Goktug and Boran to find him.


A vigil is held beside Ertugrul’s bedside as they wait for his condition to change.

Osman tells Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi that God has chosen him to be the Kais leader, and he will not let people like Geyhatu or Aya Nickola destroy that. He knows his first step must be to take Kuluchaiser castle back from Aya Nickola.

When Osman is told that Savci, Gunduz, and Yavlak Arslan are holding a council meeting in Sogut with all the Bey’s, and he was not invited, he is furious and offended.

Osman makes the decision that he must lead the Kais himself before they are overrun with their enemies. He is fed up with forgiving his brothers and uncles. Bamsi Bey and Abdurrahman Gazi support his decision. He tells them if he waits any longer, the Kais will be wiped out.


He heads to the Council meeting in Sogut. He is angry. He will confront them.

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Yavlak heads the meeting. He addresses the Council and calls for a time of peace. He also calls for leadership of the Bey’s as Ertugrul is desperately ill and cannot lead them now. Yavlak recommends Savci to take the place of Ertugrul’s as their chosen leader.

The Bey’s question why Osman, Bamsi Bey, and Abdurrahman Gazi are not present. They see their absence as voting against Savci. The Bey’s wonder how Yavlak’s peace will be kept if Osman is not involved. Yavlak tells the Bey’s that it was his decision not to invite Osman and Bamsi Bey as they do not influence the Kai nomad from now on as Savci is the chosen leader of the Alps.

Savci calls his younger brother a rebel who wants to fight on his own. Savci tells them that this is not the solution, and eventually, he will understand this. The Bey’s trust Osman and believe that Osman is an army all by himself.


Dundar Bey tells them that Bamsi Bey is an older man now, and his opinion does not matter, and Abdurrahman Gazi has only one arm. Gunduz is the only brother who sticks up for Osman. He tells them that Osman has won many battles and has kept them safe, and he captured Kuluchaiser’s castle as well.

Kuluchaiser Castle is a point of interest to all the Beys. They want it taken back from Aya Nickola. They ask Yavlak Arslan what he is going to do about it. He tells them it is not going to do anything.

Yavlak does ask everyone to give him the power, and then he will do everything he can. It seems like he has many on his side, especially Savci.

Osman finally arrives at the meeting after having to force his way in. Some of the Bey’s feel shame that he and Bamsi Bey were not invited. Osman tells them all that the Kuman Turks are coming while they sit around and talk about peace. He tells them it is not going to work, and they will be slaughtered.

Osman has no more patience. He tells them that it is time for them to make decisions, either they work together with Yavlak, who hides his relationship with Mongols and infidels who are the enemy of the Turks, or they can join Osman, who will not accept being chained and treated as a slave by his enemies and who will fight for the freedom of Turks. He tells them to make their choice or suffer the consequences.


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