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Kurulus Osman Episode 35 Urdu Subtitles


Osman is marched into Aya Nickola’s presence and draws a knife, and stabs him repeatedly in the chest. Aya Nickola collapses on the ground while Osman makes his escape through a secret passageway. Flatius finds the stricken Nickola and takes chase.


Osman’s onslaught on the Christian soldiers is savage, and Flatius cannot stop him from fleeing the Castle and making his escape into the woods.

Meanwhile, Aya Nickola is critically wounded. Flatius is beside himself with the need for revenge.

At the Kai nomad, Bala watches over Aygul’s baby with a sadness that she herself cannot fall pregnant.

At Kuluchaisar Castle, Aya Nickola is alive. He has survived Osman’s attack, and he is vengeful. He tells Flatius that he will kill the Kais and put their heads on stakes one at a time.

Aygul has followed Osman and fights like a warrior. She has changed into a woman who knows no fear. Osman wants to know what has happened in her life that has changed her so much. She tells him that she has a baby and the father was Alisar Bey. This news shocks Osman as he was the one who cut off Alisar Bey’s head.


Osman can see that Aygul feels shame when speaking Alisar’s name. Osman looks at her and tells her that God gives life, and the baby is innocent. Aygul tells Osman that her baby has no name. Seeing the baby is a boy, Osman names him Kayialp.

Meanwhile, back at the Kai village, Hazal Hatun wants Dundar Bey to punish Aygul for trying to kill her. Aygul will never stop wanting revenge on the woman who killed her mother.

Dundar Bey has not seen his daughter since the time Alisar Bey was killed. He had no idea that she has a baby. Aygul has kept herself hidden from her father, feeling the shame of being the baby’s mother. Selcan Hatun has cared for her and the baby. Hazal Hatun gets great delight in telling Dundar Bey that he is a grandfather and the baby belonged to Alisar Bey.

The village drums herald the arrival of Osman, Goktug, Boran, and Aygul.


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Dundar Bey sees his daughter for the first time in such a long while. He looks at her sitting her horse like a warrior and is proud of what he sees.

Osman dismounts and goes to Selcan Hatun, who is holding Aygul’s baby. He takes the baby in his arms. He raises him in the air and tells all the Kais that this is the grandchild of Dundar Bey. He confirms that his mother is Aygul, daughter of Dundar Bey. Osman officially gives the babe the name of Kayialp. The baby is to be given the honor of the tribe and taught their traditions.

Bala watches as Osman bends his head and kisses the forehead of the baby. He calls Aygul to come forward and hug her father, who has been longing for her. Dundar Bey tells her that she should have never hidden from him. He is the one that has shamed her. Aygul is free now to hug her baby and feel no shame. She passes him onto Dundar Bey, who holds him in his arms.

Osman calls Bala to his side and leads her away. She is so proud of her husband.


In their nomad, they share a well-grounded love for each other. Osman tells her that she is his garden in life. She is his light, and her smile shatters sadness.

Meanwhile, at Kuluchaisar Castle, Aya Nickola gives Flatius the mission to burn Sogut to the ground. Aya Nickola believes that he has been reborn but not with spiritual greatness but with the greater evil.

Savci believes that to be a good leader of his people, he has to trust Aya Nickola.

Flatius leaves Kuluchaiser Castle along with Cerkutay on their way to burn down Sogut. They pass by the Holy Man sitting in a tree. The Holy Man sends a message to Osman telling him that there will be trouble in Sogut and Flatius is on his way there.


Yavlak Arslan is in Dundar Bey’s tent. Osman is armed with the news that Flatius is on his way to Sogut. He enters the tent to find Savci, Gunduz, and Dundar Bey in close conversation with Yavlak.

Osman sees Yavlak as an enemy. Although Aya Nickola has offered peace to the Kais, Osman will not fall into his trap. He tells Yavlak that he stabbed Nickola to show him that he will not be shut out of Kuluchaisar Castle. Osman will come and go whenever he wants.

Yavlak wants Dundar Bey and Savci to go to Kuluchaisar Castle to make peace while he himself goes to Inegol Castle. Osman tells them that they are on the wrong path and need to deal with Sogut before anything else and that Sogut will be raided.

Yavlak argues that peace is what they want. Osman tells them that there is no peace, and they are talking about something that does not exist. His brothers have listened to Yavlak for so long that now they only believe him and will not believe their younger brother.

Osman leaves them with one last comment. He says that when they do what they want and are prisoners of Aya Nickola, it will be up to him to rescue them. He turns and leaves the nomad.

Osman immediately takes Goktug and Boran and enters Bamsi Bey’s tent. He has collected quite a few followers now. Bamsi Bey, of course, has his greatest respect. Osman tells them that they will protect Sogut first and then stand at the gates of Kuluchaisar Castle and make it their own. Together they raise their swords in approval.

Once again, Ertugrul is given the news by Abdurrahman Gazi that Gunduz, Savci, and Dundar Bey have allied with Yavlak Arsland while Osman continues to fight for the Kais and calls for war.

Abdurrahman Gazi says that Osman was just like Ertugrul when he was young. Ertugrul blesses Osman and hopes his people will bless the name of Osman also.

Targun is suspected of being a spy for Aya Nickola. Bala follows her when she tries to send a message to Aya Nickola. Bala watches as she speaks with a black-cloaked man, but Targun notices Bala behind the bushes and kills the man taking the suspicion away from herself.

In Sogut, explosives are smuggled through the gates by Flatius and his men. They have arrived in disguise and have spread gunpowder throughout the streets in readiness to set alight.

Osman is not too far away. He enters Sogut in disguise also and comes face to face with Flatius.

Once again, Flatius is beaten. Osman tells him that Sogut is his city and he has to ask for permission to enter. They draw swords, and a fierce fight begins, but Flatius is no match for Osman, who eventually takes him captive. Flatius tells Osman that he may have stopped the destruction of Sogut, but he will not stop his brothers’ death by the hand of Aya Nickola at Kuluchaisar Castle.

Whatever way they turn, Aya Nickola’s soldiers cannot destroy Sogut. Bamsi Bey even finds Cerkutay in the tavern with gunpowder sprinkled like sand over the floor and stops him from lighting the fuse. Cerkutay is eventually taken to Osman tied at the end of a rope. It does Osman’s heart good to see that finally, he has Cerkutay.

Meanwhile, at the same time as Osman is fighting in Sogut, Dundar Bey and Savci enter the gates of Kuluchaisar Castle.

They certainly do not get the welcome mat spread out for their entry. They are ushered before Aya Nickola. They feel uncomfortable in his presence. Aya Nickola insults them both. There will be no peace talks today. Savci and Dundar Bey realize that they are in dangerous waters.

The brothers are taken prisoner. Aya Nickola stabs Dundar Bey in hand with evil delight, and then they are tied up while he covers their faces in molded clay to look like pigs.

Dundar Bey swears he will make him pay for what he has done. Savci spits in his face. Aya Nickola plasters their mouths shut so he cannot hear their curses.

Osman has had great success in Sogut. He has two captives, Flatius and Cerkutay. He now turns his head toward Kuluchaisar Castle.

Osman will have to be quick as his brothers are being marched through the grounds of Kuluchaisar Castle to their deaths. Both the men can see that Osman was right all along, and Aya Nickola never wanted peace in the first place. Yavlak Arsland had lied to them.

The brothers are led to two chopping blocks as Aya Nickola gets ready to take off their heads.

Aya Nickola is distracted by his soldiers’ arrival from Sogut, bringing with them a wounded Flatius. It can be seen that Osman’s words must be going around in Savci and Dundar Bey’s head, as he had told them earlier that day that if they were going to Kuluchaisar Castle, then it will be left for him to come and rescue them.

True to his word Osman arrives to save his brother’s lives. He takes his whip and wraps it around Aya Nickola’s throat. He swears that the infidels will bow down before the Turks. He then orders the release of his Uncle and brother from the chopping block.



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