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Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 10 with English Subtitles (Episode 37)

Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 10 in English subtitles is available below.


Previously, in Kurulus Osman episode 36, we have seen that Osman Bey saved his brother Savci Bey and his uncle Dundar Bey from Aya Nikola. They realized that Osman was right.

They all escaped from the Castle. Commander Flatius followed them, but he could not capture Osman. Osman was still angry at his uncle and brother for taking the side of Yavlak Arslan and did not listen to him.

On the other hand, Faltius returned to the Castle empty-handed. Nikola punished him by taking everything from him, including the commander title.

Osman received the invitation of Geyhatu at Yavlak Arslan’s place along with his uncle and brothers. He was not willing to go there as he didn’t want to be a puppet.

Dundar and Savci Bey reached the tribe. They decided not to tell anyone about the incident at Kuluchaiser Castle because it was embarrassing for Osman to save them from Nikola and proved them wrong.


Savci and Dundar bey went to their tents. Savci was very embarrassed as his younger brother saved him. He told his wife about the incident that happened to them. Savci bey’s wife believed that Osman would kill his brother Savci for the Supreme leader of the tribe. That’s why she diverted her husband’s attention toward this matter and told him to kill Osman first.

In the forest, Bamsi Bey had tied Cerkutay with the tree. Bamsi asked for the name of the person with who he was working against Osman. Cerkutay was forced, and he told that it was Yavlak Arslan who was plotting against Osman.

Bala and Gonca Hatun were continuously following Targun Hatun as Osman told Bala that he suspects Targun Hatun. Gonca Hatun Followed her when she left the tribe and went to Kuluchaiser Castle. She told Bala Hatun, and Bala told Osman about Targun Hatun that he was right in his suspects about Targun.

In the tribe, everyone was making gossips about Bala for not giving the child to Osman. So Bala told Osman that he has to choose a 2nd wife for him so that she can give him a child. If Osman didn’t find Hatun for himself, then she would find for him.


In the Castle, Targun met Aya Nikola and told him that she would not do spying on Osman more. Her father was captive by Nikola, and Nikola wanted her to complete the mission. He told her to bring Osman here if she wants to save her father. Targun father was the bey of Kuman Turks.

On the way to the tribe, Osman was waiting for Targun. When she reached there, Osman asked for the reason for her visit to the Castle. She first resisted, but after that, she told Osman that his father had captive by Nikola and he wanted You from me. Osman said to her that no worry, he will not disappoint Nikola.

Osman entered the tribe with Targun Hatun. Osman met with his brother Gunduz, and he told him about Geyhatu’s other message for Osman. He said to him that Geyhatu us to make a peace agreement with Nikola. If we disagreed, he will raid Sogut and kill all Kayi’s.

Abdulrehman Ghazi was updating Ertugral Ghazi about the situation daily. He told Ertugrul that Savci, Gunduz, and Dundar bey are taking Yavlak side, but Osman wanted to get the Castle from Infidels.



Aya Nikola called Helen to take care of the Castle as he was going to Yavlak Arslan’s place for the peace agreement with Kayi’s.

Meanwhile, Osman, Gunduz, Savci, and Dundar Bey visited Ertugrul Ghazi in his tent as he was ill. Osman told his father that he would make him proud by carrying his flame to all lands.

On the dinner table, Osman called Targun Hatun. Osman announced that he had decided about marriage and he would marry targun Hatun.

Flatius was hidden in the forest, and Nikola gave him a mission to kill everyone who passed into the Kayi tribe. At the Yavlak place, Savci and Dundar reached. Nikola also arrived there, and he asked about Osman. They told him that Osman is somehow busy as he would marry Targun Hatun in few days. They were waiting for Osman.


Osman took his soldiers and Bala and went to the meetup where Bamsi bey was waiting for them. Aygul Hatun also reached there, and they pray for success and martyrdom before attacking the Castle.

Goktug and Boran managed to take a considerable number of Byzantine soldiers into the secrete passage room and locked the room so they could not come to the lawn. They managed to get rid of most soldiers in the yard. Goktug was trying to open the door for Osman, and Boran was saving him from behind. But Goktug got injured as soldiers hit him with a lot of arrows.

At last, he managed to open the door for Osman and his Alps with his final remaining strength. Osman and his Soldiers enter the Castle.

What Will Happen in Kurulus Osman Episode 10

Osman will conquer the Kuluchaiser Castle again with his alps. Goktug will be saved as we have already seen him in the trailer with Osman bey. We will watch Kurulus Osman episode 10, season 2, and we will write a complete summary after that.


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