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Kurulus Osman Episode 10 season 2 with Urdu Subtitles

We Have seen in Episode 9 how Osman saved his uncle Dundar and his brother Savci from Nikola. Osman proved himself right and made his brothers and uncle wrong.


Flatius followed them but returned empty-handed, and Nikola gave him punishment by removing him as a soldier. Osman sent Dumrul and Ayyaz with his uncle and brother and went on his way.

Dundar and Savci arrived at the tribe, and they decided not to tell anyone about the incident that happened. Savci told her wife about the incident, and she warned him about Osman. She said that Osman would kill his brother to get Kayi Bey’s title. She told him to act before Osman and kill him.

In the wood, Bamsi bey had tied up Cerkutay with a tree. Bamsi slapped him and asked about the person for who he worked. He said that he was working for Yavlak Arslan against Osman bey.

Gonca Hatun followed Targun Hatun while she was leaving the tribe and moved towards Kuluchaiser Castle. She told Bala about this.

Targun Hatun met his father in Kuluchaiser Castle. Her father told her not to betray Turks, but she promised to save him from Nikola by bringing Osman to him.


On the other hand, Bala met Osman in the forest and told him about Targun visit to the Castle. She also said to Osman to marry a woman who can give him a child.

Osman was waiting for the targun, and when she reached, Osman questioned her. She told Osman that Nikola had kept her father captive and want to bring you to him.

Osman arrived at the tribe with Targun Hatun, and everyone was looking at them. Osman met Gunduz Bey. Gunduz told him about the news from Geyhatu. He told Osman that Geyhatu wants that we should make a peace agreement with Nikola. If we didn’t do that, he will raid the Sogut and kill all Kayi’s.

Ertugrul Bey, lying on the bed due to illness, asked about the tribe situation from Abdul Rehman Ghazi. Abdul Rehman Ghazi was updating him about the situation. He briefed Ertugrul Bey that Osman will not sit until he takes Kuluchaiser.


Aya Nikola gave the Castle charge to Helen Hatun, and he left the Castle to visit Yavlak Arslan Place for a peace agreement with Kayi Beys.

Osman called Targun Hatun at the family dinner table. He announced that he wants a child, and for that reason, he will marry Targun Hatun. Hazal Hatun took advantage of the situation and mocked Bala Hatun.

The next day, Dundar and Savci visited the Yavlak Arslan tribe for a peace agreement. Aya Nikola also reached there, and while he didn’t see Osman there, he asked about him. They told him that he would be here soon. He might be busy, as he will marry Targun Hatun in few days. They waited for Osman.

Osman took Bala Hatun and his soldiers and went to the place where Bamsi bey and other soldiers waited. They prayed there and went to take Kuluchaiser Castle.


In the Castle, Boran and Goktug managed to handle the soldiers, and they opened the door for Osman. Goktug got heavily injured, as he was shot from behind with many arrows.

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