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Will Hasan Sabah save Rustam? Watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 15 with English subtitles now with Full HD. The Great Seljuk episode 15 is now available in English subtitles.


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 15 with English subtitles Below

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 15 started with the scene of Arslantac, where he tells Tapar and Sencar how he captured Rustam. “He told them that I followed Sencar, but when Tapar arrested sencar, he followed the Caravan. And Sencar was right in his doubts. When I followed the Caravan, I found Rustam and then bring him here.”

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 15, Sultan Melik shah Killed Commander Andreas. After that, he moved towards Kuvel Castle. Byzantine prince came to the Kuvel from Costantineople and he welcomed Sultan. He agreed to all conditions of the Sultan. Prince (Byzantine Emperor’s brother) also gave him two boxes of Gold as a good gesture for peace.

Tarkun Hatun on the other hand blamed Elcin Hatun for the murder. She told her to go from the palace, otherwise, all the soldiers there witnessed that you are a killer and you will have to face Sultan’s anger. They agreed on that.

In Uyanis buyuk Selcuklu episode 15, Nizam ul Mulk got up. He talked to Turna Hatun and thanked her a lot. Tapar brought Sencar and Arslantac into the dungeon, and Nizam ul Mulk was informed about this by a soldier. Sencar said Tapar that you are making a big mistake, let him go to find the sacred book of Batini’s.

Nizam ul Mulk arrived there and he said to Melik Tapar that free Sencar, and as a Hace, I will personally explain it to Sultan. Tapar resisted but he couldn’t go against Nizam ul Mulk. Nizam ul Mulk took Sencar out from prison and went to his room along with him.


In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 15, Markos ambushed Sultan Melik Shah while he was going to Isfahan from Kuvel Castle. They killed almost all of the Seljuk soldiers and the Sultan’s arm got injured while hit with Markos’s brother’s arm shield. But suddenly Taj ul Mulk and Hassan Sabah along with soldiers arrived there. Hasan Sabah hit the arrow which hit Markos at the back and they left from there.

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Sultan came to the palace injured and he was very angry for the negligence of Taj ul Mulk and Hasan Sabah. On the main entrance, Nizam ul Mulk welcomed him. After treatment Sultan ordered to call Taj ul Mulk and Hasan Sabah. Sultan shouted at them angrily and slapped Hasan Sabah and Taj ul Mulk.

In Great Seljuk episode 15, Sultan called Sencar and Arslantac. He ordered to bring Arslantac back to the prison and gave Sencar his sword again as Sencar asked for the duty of finding the secret book of Batini’s. Nizam ul Mulk convinced the sultan of this and Sencar went to find out that book which Rustam threw into the water.


Before going for the mission, Sencar met Turna Hatun on the Palace lawn with the main gate. He told her that he ask for her hand from his father after this mission. After that, he went with his soldiers.

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In Great Seljuk Episode 15, Hassan Sabah met Rustam in the prison and find out the place of the book. The next day, Rustam was hanged in the palace within the presence of the Sultan. Arslantac was set free by Sultan, but he has taken his soldier title, and he was no more the special soldier of Selcuk.

Head Dai Hasan Sabah sent Behram to Markos for his help to kill Sencar. Behram met Markos and gave all the information about Sencar to him and asked him to kill Sencar.


In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 15, Sencar was after the secret book and he has to face many ambushes set by Batini’s.

In the Palace, Sultan called Elcin Hatun and asked her, that what she had to say as she asked for Sultan permission before but Sultan had not allowed it. She told him everything, how Tarkun Hatun poisoned Seferiya Hatun and Hace Nizam ul Mulk. Sultan called his wife Tarkun Hatun and investigated both of them.

In Uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 15, Hasan Sabah went after the secret book. When he finds out the secret book, Sencar was just behind him with his sword at his neck.

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