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Kurulus Osman Episode 41 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 14)

Kurulus Osman Episode 41 urdu subtitles by Kurulus online

Osman elected as a Kayi Bey in Kurulus Osman Episode 41. Watch Kurulus Osman episode 41 (Season 2 Episode 14) with Urdu Subtitles only at Kurulus Online.


Kurulus Osman Episode 41 with Urdu subtitles below ( Season 2 Episode 14)

In Kurulus Osman episode 41, two merchants met with Osman at his father’s grave. They told Osman bey that his father “Ertugrul Bey” had saved their life. Osman Bey met them and offered them to stay at Sogut as his guests.

In the tribe, Dundar Bey was very happy as he had bought some beys in return for gold. He told Hazal Hatun about it when Salttuk told him that he had done his duty. When Hazal heard this, she kissed Dundar’s hand and thought that she would take her revenge.

In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 41, the merchants went to Sogut and met with Idrees there. They were actually the spies of pop and came here for an important mission. Idrees was also their spy at the Kayi tribe from a long time ago. Idrees told them that when Ertugrul bey was ill, Bamsi bey started to leave the tribe in the morning and was missing for many days.

Goktug and Boran also tried to convince beys to vote for Osman in the meeting of bey selection. As these Beys had taken gold from Dundar, they told them that they will decide it in the meeting. Savci Bey also talked to his wife and said to her that he would win and will be the bey.

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In Kurulus Osman season 2 Episode 14, Both the spies of pop went to meet Nikola in Castle. They said to him that their common enemy is Osman and they should work together to finish him. They left the castle and promised Nikola that they will bring Flatius tonight.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 41 Urdu Subtitles with Full HD Quality

In Kurulus Osman episode 41 Saltuk told Boran and Goktug about Dundar, how he bought beys with gold for himself. They told this to Osman bey when he arrived at the tribe. Osman decided to work with patience and handle the situation if went against him.

Bamsi Bey in the secret save decided that he would give the secrets, “Ertugrul Bey entrusted to him” to the new Kayi Bey. On the next day, Bey’s meeting for the selection of bey started.

In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 14, Bamsi started the meeting with the name of Allah. He asked for the votes from each bey. Every bey gave their votes. Dundar betray Savci and stood in elections. He got 5 votes, and Osman also got 5 votes but Savci didn’t get a single vote. So he decided to give his vote to Osman bey. In this way, Osman became a new Kayi bey.


Osman bey didn’t accept the results despite he won. He told everyone that he would not accept the election full of dishonesty. Bamsi bey started the meeting again and now this time everyone voted for Osman Bey.

In Kurulus Osman episode 41, Osman bey became the new Kayi bey of the tribe. He arranged a big function and they enjoyed it a lot. Osman dismissed his brother and uncle for incompetent behavior.  Osman Bey appointed Goktug as a new Head alp.

On the next day, Osman bey went with Bamsi bey to take his father Ertugrul Ghazi’s entrustments. Savci son arrived at the tribe and he expressed his feelings with his father and mother that how much he is happy for Osman bey as a new bey of the tribe.

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