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New California Commerce Group Targets Illegal Employees in Staffing



The California Staffing Agency Reform Association was formed by industry leaders to “clean up” the workplace compensation market for staff.


Cal-SARA, a new nonprofit trade association, was set up to deal with a market that is “flooded with fraudulent and black market workers’ compensation insurance.”

“The growing demand for a conditional or changing workforce, coupled with the declining supply of workers and workers’ compensation insurers, has allowed a massive black market to grow virtually unnoticed,” Cal-SARA CEO Mark Bertler said in a statement. . . ‘These illegal practices endanger staffing agencies, injured workers and taxpayers in California. Regulators have so far failed to police these activities, exacerbating the situation. ”

According to the group, legal staffing agencies are forced to compete with ‘fraudulent planning agencies’ that do not work with legal employees, and these illegal activities lower the prices below the business costs and create an unfair market.

The group’s California customers of the personnel industry accepted these illegal activities.

The purpose of Cal-SARA is to provide education, training and legal support to its members, as well as assistance to regulators and insurers.


Cal-SARA has adopted a code of conduct that may be found on his website.

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