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Will Sencar be saved in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 12 today?. Watch Buyuk Selcuklu episode 12 in English subtitles now.


In Episode 11 of Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu, we saw that Sencar and his soldiers were arrested by Sultan Melik Shah. Sultan said to Sencar that if he believes the justice and came here, he should wait for justice to be served.

While Sencar was taken to the dungeon, Seferiya Hatun met him in the way. She asked for his name and his tribe. She said to him that he looks like Sultan Alp Arslan. He told his name and that he is from the Kinik tribe. Seferiya Hatun gave him prayers and she went. Elchin Hatun also gave him best wishes and said a soldier like you can’t do anything against the state.

Rustam was looking for his lost necklace. He sent his man to go find the necklace at Dukas’s house. Rustam went to Head Dai to inform him about his lost necklace.

Sencar’s mother came to the palace, and from a guard, she asked about Sencar that why didn’t he still leave the palace. The guard told her, that Sencar is put down to the dungeon by Sultan order, in accuse of murder. She went from there with crying eyes.

Nizam Ul Mulk sent his soldiers to Shahbandar’s house for investigating, and to bring all the documents along with Shahbnadar Dukas’s son. When they reached Dukas’s house, the Byzantine soldiers told them that Dukas’s son ran away. They told them that he was talking about a necklace and was saying that he wants to go to Kuvel Castle and will give that Necklace to Commander Andreas. We didn’t take it series and he ran away.


The Soldier went to inform Nizam Ul Mulk. On the other hand, Sencar’s mother Bashulu Hatun visited Ustad Khayyam. She was very angry at Khayyam and told him they put her son into the dungeon. She warned him, that if something happened to Sencar, she will reveal the secrete.

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Rustam met his Head Dai and told him about the necklace. Head Dai asked him, how he will trust anyone when his most trustworthy person is making mistakes. His man came and said to him that the necklace is with Dukas’s son and he escaped. Head Dai sent him after the Dukas’s son and told Rustam to hide and don’t come out before he handles the situation.

Nizam ul Mulk was informed about Dukas’s son and necklace. He ordered to prepare soldiers, as this necklace is very important to save Sencar.

Meanwhile, Rustam went to the mountains to hide, he ordered his man to reach Dukas’s son, before Nizam Ul Mulk and bring that necklace.


Ustad Khayyam visited Sencar in the dungeon. He told him that Nizam ul Mulk is after Dukas’s son, to save you. He also told him there is someone who also came to visit him.

Turna Hatun came to meet Sencar in Dungeon, as Ustad Khayyam help her to meet Sencar. She told Sencar that I warned you not to go to the Palace. Sencar told her that he has faith and trust in Sultan justice.

Nizam Ul Mulk went and Saved Dukas’s son from the Bitini’s and took set off to the palace to save Sencar.

Sencar was judging by Abu Ghazali. Abu Ghazali listened to both side’s arguments, and he gave a sentence order for Sencar, as he was responsible for Dukas murder.


Before when Bashulu Hatun was going to reveal secrets, Nizam ul Mulk arrived with Dukas’s son. Nizam ul Mulk showed the necklace of murder to Judge Abu Ghazali. Sencar also showed the same necklace and told Judge that when he was after sacred relics, the same necklace he found from Bitini’s.

Dukas’s son also told Judge that Sencar is not the killer of his father, instead, he was his father’s friend. He told him that he saw the murderer of his mother. Nizam Ul Mulk showed some sketches to Dukas, and he recognized Rustam who killed his mother.

So Sencar was released as Judge gave a decision about him as Sencar was innocent. Sencar met Sultan Melik Shah and told him to take action against bitini’s. He asked for Sultan’s permission to capture Rustam. Sultan gave him that mission. After that Sencar met with Turna and his soldiers.

Sencar tortured the bitini soldiers captured by Nizam Ul Mulk and he told him where Rustam is?


Head Dai Hassan Sabah, told Behram Dai that Rustam is Arslantash’s brother. So they sent news to Arslantash if he wanted to know about his brother, come to that place alone. Arslantash went there and Behram Dai told him that Rustam is your brother, and Sencar would kill him.

Sencar found Rustam and they started to fight. Rustam ran from the battle, and Sencar ran after him. In the wood, when Sencar captured Rustam, Arslantash shot an Arrow at Sencar back.

What does Will happen in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12?

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu season 1 episode 12 in English subtitles is now available.


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