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Uyanis buyuk selcuklu episode 16 urdu subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 16 with Urdu subtitles Below

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 16, When Sencar had captured Hassan Sabah and asked him why he chased after the book. Hasan Sabah told him that every matter of state is his matter. Sencar took the book from him and checked it. After that Sencar told him that they will see how you save yourself from Sultan. They started to move towards the palace.


Sultan called Kamach and ordered him to bring Firdaus in his presence. Markos was waiting in the wood to ambush Sencar there as they couldn’t go further to the riverside. Nizam ul Mulk received news from spies that crusaders had moved towards the river. Sencar was also there so Nizam ul Mulk ordered his man to inform Melik Tapar about this.

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In Uyanis buyuk Selcuklu episode 16 Kamach found Firdaus dead. He found the letter and he brought that letter in the sultan’s presence. On the way, Markos stopped Sencar. He told him that finally, we met. His brother told Sencar the Melik Shah also spoked like him but he smashed his one arm and now he will smash Sencar head. Sencar told them that he will take one head per the blood drop shed from Sultan. The Seljuks soldiers also arrived there and the fight began.

Kamach had read the letter to Sultan. In this letter, it has written that ” I did everything for the loyalty towards Tarkan Hatun. I had given poison to Seferiya Hatun to see Tarkan Hatun as Head Hatun. I also gave the paralyzing poison to Nizam ul Mulk and killed Esma so that no trace left behind”. Kamach gave another letter to Sultan so he can confirm that it has written by Firdaus. Sultan took the position of Head Hatun from Tarkan Hatun. He also gave a mission to Elchin Hatun to go to Anatolia as the situation could be worse there.

During the fight in the Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 16, Tapar also reached there and he injured Markos. Markos ran away and told his soldiers to move back. His brother took the secret book and also ran after them. Sencar also ran after him to take the book back from him. Before that Hassan Sabah injured his arm. Sencar sent him with his two men to the palace for Nizam ul Mulk. Sencar captured Markos’s brother. They fought and Sencar killed him and took Sultan’s revenge from him.

In Nizam e Alam episode 16, Markos’s men attacked Elchin Hatun on the way to Anatolia. They fought but unfortunately, they killed all her soldiers and they captured her.  When they were to kill Elchin Hatun, Zubaida Hatun (Sultan’s first wife) arrived there and killed that person with an arrow. She told them that on Seljuks land killing a Seljuk woman, will pay them more. She ordered her soldiers to kill them all. They killed all the crusaders.


In Nizam e Alam episode 16, Markos sent his soldier after his brother when came to know that his brother is still missing. But they found his dead body. Sencar along with Melik Tapar moved towards the palace. In the Palace, Hasan Sabah resisted Sencar’s soldiers in front of Seljuk’s soldiers by saying that he is Head Envoy. They were almost fought but Nizam ul Mulk arrived there and he sent Seljuk’s Soldiers. Sencar’s soldier told everything to Nizam ul Mulk what happened.

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In Nizam e Alam episode 16, Zubaida Hatun reached the palace where Sultan welcomed her. Sultan also appointed her as head Hatun and ordered Tarkan Hatun to give the seal to her. Sencar and Tapar also arrived at the palace with the secret book.

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