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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 12, how Sencar will be saved?. To know watch Buyuk Selcuklu episode 12 in Urdu subtitles only at Dekhlo Pakistan.


We have seen in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 11 that Sencar was arrested by Sultan. He had to be judged by the judge in open court. Sencar was sent to the dungeon.

The Palace guard told his mother about Sencar’s arrest on Sultan’s order. She went to Ustad Khayyam and warned him that if something happened to him, she would destroy that palace from its basis by revealing the secret.

Rustam, on the other hand, lost his necklace and he was searching for it everywhere. He went to tell Head Dai about this.

Dukas’s son escaped from the house, as he wanted to give that necklace to Tekfur Andreas. Nizam ul Mulk soldiers told that to Nizam ul Mulk and he went after Dukas’s son to save Sencar.

In the dungeon, Ustad Khayyam and Turna Hatun also met Sencar. Sencar and Arslantash performed prayer there in the dungeon. Arslantash narrated all his story, how he lost his mother, father, and brother.


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Nizam ul Mulk went after Dukas son. Bitini’s were also after Dukas’s son and they wanted to find him before Nizam Ul Mulk so that he couldn’t be able to save Sencar.

Sencar and his soldiers were brought to the open court in the Palace. Abu Hamid Al Ghazali was the judge. He listened to both and he gave a decision on the basis of witnesses. He decided to give Sencar, the punishment of death. As Sencar was the reason for Dukas’s death, and even if Dukas’s wife’s death was not confirmed, so it was also pointing towards Sencar.

When Sencar’s mother was going to reveal the secrete, Nizam ul Mulk arrived with Dukas’s son. Dukas Son presented the necklace to the judge and also told the judge that Sencar was his father’s friend, not the killer. From the sketches, he recognized his mother’s killer, Rustam.

Sencar was released as pointed as innocent. Sencar asked Sultan permission to capture Rustam so they could know about their new Head Dai. Sultan gave him permission and Sencar went after Rustam.


Arslantash was informed by Behram Dai that Rustam was his real brother, and Sencar would kill him. Sencar captured Rustam after some fight, but Arslantash shot Sencar with an arrow from behind to save his brother Rustam.

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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu (The Great Seljuks) Episode 12 is available in Urdu Subtitles. (Complete Episode Urdu)

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