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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 with English subtitles

Hassan Sabah escaped in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 17. Watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17 in English Subtitles with HD quality free of cost.


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 17 with English subtitles Below

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 17, Sultan Melik Shah ordered to bring Ferdeos to find the truth. When Kamach went to Ferdeos room, her dead body was there. Kamach found a letter where Ferdeos had written everything in detail.

Kamach brought the letter to Sultan Melik shah, and Sultan ordered him to read it. After that Kamach gave the letter to Sultan along with her previous letter to match the writing. The writing on both letters was the same. Sultan Gave Elchin Hatun a new duty and ordered her to go to Anatolia. He also took Head Hatun responsibility from Tarkan Hatun.

Meanwhile, In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 17, Nizam ul Mulk got news from spies that Crusaders’ special troops are moving towards the riverside where Sencar has present. He immediately sent one soldier to inform Tapar so that he could go to help Sencar. Markus attacked Sencar when he was taking Hassan Sabah to the palace. They started to fight with each other. Markus took the book and ran from the fight.

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In The Great Seljuk episode 17, Tapar also reached there to help Sencar. Tapar started a fight with Markus. After that Sencar and his soldiers also reached there. Markus again ran from the fight and told his brother to bring the bag which is important for Seljuks. Sencar went after the book.


Sencar soldiers brought Hassan Sabah to the palace and told Nizam ul Mulk everything. Markus reached his secret place with soldiers but his brother had not reached. A crusader told Markus that Elcin Hatun is going towards Anatolia. Markus ordered him to kill her and he also ordered some of his soldiers to go to the wood and bring his brother and book safe.

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Sencar killed Markus’s brother Eynar and took the book from him.  They started to move towards the palace. On the other hand, the Crusaders also ambushed Elcin Hatun in the way. They had almost killed Elcin Hatun, but Zubaida Hatun saved her life and killed all the Crusaders.

Zubaida Hatun Entered the palace and Melik Shah welcomed her. Sencar and Tapar also arrived at the palace with the book. Sultan summoned Hassan Sabah and asked for his betrayal. Hace Nizam ul Mulk saved him from Sultan. Apparently, Hace Nizam ul Mulk was after something that’s why he saved him.


What Happened in Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 17?

In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Sultan talked to Zubaida Hatun and asked her to bring order in the palace again. Sultan gave her the responsibility of the Head Hatun and gave her the seal. Zubaida Hatun took the charge of Head Hatun and She told every Hatun that she would not allow anyone to sit idle.

Sultan asked Sencar to stay at the palace as his guest at the dinner and he had to ask something. At the night Sultan asked Sencar about his father and mother. When Sultan came to know that her mother’s name is Basulu Hatun, Sultan surprised.

On the next day, Sencar went with Turna Hatun to the bank of the river. After that, they went to Sencar’s tribe where there was a wedding function. Sultan wanted her mother to go to the places where she could feel fresh. He gave some gifts to Tapar and told him to go to the Kinik Obasi tribe. Seferiya Hatun also insisted to go there and Sultan ordered Tapar to take her mother to Kinik Obasi and after that, she would go her way.

Sencar told her mother that Sultan gave him a reward. When they were talking with each other, Tapar along with Seferiya Hatun arrived there. Seferiya Hatun told Tapar that her mother is alive and not died yet. But Tapar didn’t believe her as he thought that she was not well. Seferiya Hatun went to the tent with Basulu Hatun where they talked about the past.


Hassan Sabah sent news to Faisal that he would have to ask Turna hand from her father in order to give Sencar a lesson. Faisal asked Turna’s hand from Iltebar and told him that he has the only way to save his life from Sultan and that is to marry her daughter to him.

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In Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu episode 17, Behram sent an old woman for spying on Sencar during the event. He told Markus that he will inform him about Sencar. After the event, Sencar went to drop Turna at Shelemzar. The old woman escaped from there and sent the news to Behram. Behram told Markus that he would offer the Sencar tribe and his mother to him. He told Markus about the Caravan in which tribe bey and Sencar’s mother were also present.

Arslantac suspected that the old woman was the spy of Batini’s or Crusaders so went after the Caravan and send Bey’s son to inform Sencar. Markus stopped the Caravan. Arslantac also arrived there. Sencar got news from Bey’s son and they also went after the Caravan. The fight began and Markus and his soldiers killed everyone. The tribe Bey also died and Arslantac and Sencar’s mother were injured but Markus left the place thinking that all are dead.


Sencar and Tapar arrived there. Arslantac told them that Crusaders attacked them. Sencar found her mother in an unconscious state. She was heavily injured.

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