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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 15)


Crusaders killed all beys coming to Sogut. Watch Kurulus Osman episode 42 (Season 2 Episode 15) with Urdu Subtitles only at Kurulus Online.


Kurulus Osman Episode 42 with Urdu subtitles below ( Season 2 Episode 15)

In Kurulus Osman episode 42, Targun Hatun accepted Islam with no spiritual desire. Bala Hatun didn’t trust her and told her to stay away from Osman. Bamsi and Osman to the hidden cave where the secrets of Ertugrul bey were present. The two Crusaders who were disgusting as traders followed them.

In the Cave, Bamsi told Osman that how he can gather and unite all the tribes with the help of these secret documents. Boran and Goktug found out that Flatius has escaped from prison. On the very first day of his duty as Head Alps, he lost Flatius. Dundar taunted him for the escape of Flatius.

In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 15, Bala Hatun conducted the meeting of women. All the women congratulated her for a new position. She told them that she wants them to read and write and also teach their children. They served her a sherbet and to other women. Unfortunately,  Targun Hatun had poisoned the sherbet for Bala.

What Happened in Kurulus Osman Episode 42?

In Kurulus Osman episode 42, Osman Bey returned from the hidden cave and left Bamsi Bey there. He reached to the tribe and Goktug told him that Flatius has escaped. Dundar and Savci Bey were there in the tent, and Osman has to face them and their questions about his leadership. But Suddenly, Bala Hatun entered the tent and she fell on the floor unconsciously.

Selcan Hatun along with Aygul and Gonca entered the tent. Dundar and Savci left the tent. Targun Hatun also entered the tent after them. She checked Bala Hatun and told Osman that Bala had been poisoned. She told Osman that she knew about the cure of this poison and she went out to prepare the cure.


In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 15, Bala Hatun regained the consciousness after taking the antidotes. Osman ordered to lock Targun Hatun in the prison tent.

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The crusaders had traced the hidden cave. Their leader ordered them to kill Bamsi and take the secrets from there. They entered the hidden cave. Bamsi killed them all aggressively. His hand got injured heavily. Bamsi came out of the hidden cave.

Bala was very ill, but Osman did not leave her side. She looked deep into his eyes and told him that she could not give an heir, which has her greatest wish. He told her he wanted to wait until they have a child together. Bala was not as positive as Osman about the prediction and told him that if he has an heir, no one has the need to kill him. He told her that she should not worry about an heir, but only think about their love.

In Kurulus Osman episode 42, Osman got the news that Dundar Bey secretly met Aya Nickola. This news made Osman furious because he could see that Dundar Bey still wanted to be the Bey of the Kayi’s and has willing to betray his people.


Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 42 Urdu Subtitles with Full HD Quality

Targun was brought before Osman. She confessed that she loved him and wanted him to marry her, and she was afraid he would turn her away. Osman told her that there has only one love in his life and that it was Bala and that his love has sealed in him forever.

Targun felt that Osman rejected her love. Her anger erupted from her and she told him that she wished she had not given Bala the antidote to the poison. Osman slapped her on the ground and told her if she had not been a woman, he would have taken her life on the spot. He banished her and her father from the tribe.

He then turned to Goktug who was watching what was going on. He told him that he has disappointed him because he lost Flatius. His anger had extreme and he also banished Goktug from the tribe. He also slapped Goktug and told him never to return.

In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 15, Bala could not understand why Osman released Targun nor why he banished Goktug from the tribe. Bala believes someone else would be executed on the spot, yet he let Targun go. She felt a little jealous and angry with Osman, but Osman explains that there had some things only he should know.


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Meanwhile, Dundar Bey returned to the tribe after meeting Aya Nickola. Boran was on the lookout for him to return and immediately told him that Osman wanted to see him. Dundar Bey was nervous when he saw Savci, Gunduz, and Osman waiting for him.

In Kurulus Osman season 2 episode 42, Osman ordered Boran to remove weapons from Dundar Bey. Osman ordered Dundar Bey to tell him why he went to see Aya Nickola. Dundar Bey told him that Aya Nickola wanted him to kill Osman. He told more that he agreed to everything to make him believe he was a traitor.

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Dundar bey told Osman that he wanted Aya Nickola to trust him so he could be drawn into a trap. Osman shook with anger that Bundar bey would go behind his backed and not tell him what he was doing. In front of everyone, Osman took his bowstring and wrapped it around Dundar bey’s neck. He swore more and more that there will be no traitors in his tribe and warned everyone.


Bamsi bey returned to the tribe wounded, but with his precious sacred remains safe. Bamsi bey told Osman that there was a traitor in the tribe who knew that they were traveling to a secret placed and let them followed. Bamsi bey used this opportunity to give Osman the last will and testament of his father. He felt proud to read that Ertugrul left the beylic to him and had confidence in him.

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In Kurulus Osman episode 42, at the end of his will, Ertugrul ordered Osman to marry another woman so that he could have an heir. The two Romans wondered completely freely in the Kayi tribe without anyone being suspicious of it. Osman befriended them and thought they were merchants, giving them a shop in Sogut to sell their goods.

Meanwhile, Dundar bey was furious and embarrassed about the punishment Osman imposed on him. He was filled with revenge against Osman. He discussed a plan with Hazel Hatun to asked for forgiveness so he could stay close to Osman, but he would be like a sheep in wolf clothes. He told his wife that she should do the same and when the time was right, he will take the bow that Osman wrapped around his neck and strangled him with it.

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