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Kurulus Osman Episode 42 English Subtitles (Season 2 Episode 15)


Targun was brought before Osman in Kurulus Osman episode 42. Watch Kurulus Osman episode 42 (Season 2 Episode 15) with English Subtitles only at Kurulus Online.


Kurulus Osman Episode 42 with English subtitles below ( Season 2 Episode 15)

in Kurulus Osman episode 42, Targun knows she can never marry Osman if she is not a Muslim. Although she has been shown the steps to becoming a Muslim, she shows no spiritual desire to accompany her oaths. Bala does not trust Targun and tells her to stay away from Osman. Bamsi Bey takes Osman to the secret cave with the secrets he has protected all his life.

In the hidden cave, Bamsi Bey Osman teaches about the historical ancestral documents. These documents will help Osman unite the tribes. Osman tells Bamsi Bey that he will give his life for a free state for his people.

Pedro and Metin managed to help Flatius escape. The two men watch as Bamsi Bey and Osman drive past on their way to the cave and they follow them. Meanwhile, Boran and Goktug have just found out that Flatius has escaped from prison. Goktug is angry because he has just been honored by Osman to lead the Alps and on his first day of service, he loses Flatius.

At the Kai tribe, the women gather and welcome Bala as their leader. She tells them that she wants everyone to read and write and then to teach their children.  They share sherbet together. Unfortunately, the sherbet was poisoned by Targun.

Osman leaves Bamsi Bey in the hidden cave and returns to the tribe. Goktug tells him that Flatius escaped. Osman has to face Dundar Bey and Savci as they mock his leadership that has just begun. Osman was surprised when Bala entered his tent. He quickly grabbed her as she fell unconscious to the floor.


What Happens in Kurulus Osman Episode 42?

It is clear that Bala was poisoned. Targun storms into the room and tells Osman that she has experience in these things and offers an antidote. Bala regains consciousness after taking the antidote. Osman remembers the poison Targun gave him when she was asked to poison the Beys. He looks Targun in the eye and orders to lock Targun in the prison tent.

Meanwhile, the armed men located the hidden cave. They thought there was only an old man in, but they are confronted by Bamsi Bey who is out of his head in anger that his sanctuary is in jeopardy. Not one man leaves the cave alive, but Bamsi Bey suffers a serious injury to his colon.

That night as Osman waxed his bow, he was thinking about the events of the day and the great work that lay ahead of him. Osman gets news that Dundar Bey secretly met Aya Nickola. This news makes Osman furious because he can see that Dundar Bey still wants to be the Bey of the Kayis and is willing to betray his people.

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Targun is brought before Osman. She confessed that she loved him and wanted him to marry her, and she was afraid he would turn her away. Osman tells her that there is only one love in his life and that it is Bala and that his love has sealed in him forever. She is jealous of his desire for his wife. Her anger erupts from her and she tells him that she wishes she had not given Bala the antidote to the poison. Osman slaps her and tells her if she had not been a woman, he would have taken her life on the spot.


He then turned to Goktug who was watching what was going on. He tells him that he is disappointed in him because he lost their enemy. His anger is extreme and he also banishes Goktug from the nomad. He also hits Goktug on the ground and tells him never to return.

Bala cannot understand why Osman releases Targun nor why he banished Goktug from the nomad. Meanwhile, Dundar Bey returns to the tribe. Boran was on the lookout for him to return and immediately told him that Osman wanted to see him. Dundar Bey is nervous when he sees Savci, Gunduz, and Osman waiting for him, and Osman looks tense.

Osman orders Boran to remove weapons from Dundar Bey. Osman orders Dundar Bey to tell him why he went to see Aya Nickola. Dundar Bey tells him that Aya Nickola wants him to kill Osman. He tells Osman that he agreed to everything to make him believe he was a traitor.

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Dundar Bey tells Osman that he wanted Aya Nickola to trust him so he could be drawn into a trap. In front of everyone, Osman takes his bowstring and wraps it around Dundar Bey’s neck. He swears more and more that there will be no traitors in his tribe and warns everyone that he will tell everything in the future and that there will be no secrets.


Bamsi Bey returns to the tribe wounded, but with his precious sacred remains safe. Bamsi Bey tells Osman that there is a traitor in the nomad who knows that they are traveling to a secret place and being chased. Bamsi Bey uses this opportunity to give Osman the last will and testament of his father. He feels proud to read that Ertugrul left the Beylic to him and had confidence in him. At the end of his will, Ertugrul orders Osman to marry another woman so that he can have an heir.

That night during a special dinner hosted by Osman, Dundar asks Osman Bey to forgive him. Osman accepts his request to be forgiven and tells him that it cannot happen again. The meal is designed to put an end to the fighting in the family. Bala was sufficiently recovered to sit during dinner. This is the first time the family has broken bread without anger or argument. They all agree to make an effort to get along together.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 42 English Subtitles with Full HD Quality

Osman is told that people are moving west across the country. Osman calls them wise people. The people are going to create the new city of Medaresa. Osman believes that Medaresa needs new states, and he makes you believe that he might just create the first Turkish state.

Osman tells his brothers that he is going to take the castle of Inegol before anything else. Bamsi Bey and Cerkutay are getting narrower. Cerkutay treats Bamsi Bey like a father figure. Bamsi Bey tells Cerkutay that he will train him to be the next Bamsi Bey to fight with Osman.


Osman orders Savci to meet with Aya Nickola and tell him he wants to make peace. Bayhoca asks Osman if he can join him. He is very young, but Osman will give him permission if his mother and father agree.

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Aya Nickola and the two Romans plan to kill all the Beys while traveling to Sogut the next day for a meeting with Osman. They send Flatius to kill all the Beys before they can get to the meeting. Flatius leaves a little boy to tell Osman the story of what happened when the boy arrived in Sogut.

Yavlak Arslan joins Osman and his Alps at the bazaar in Sogut. Yavlak tells him that he is ready to conquer the castle of Inegol with him.
Osman notes that there are not many Beys at the bazaar. He then hears the cry of a little boy as he leads his dead father into the bazaar. The little boy tells Osman that his father was killed when he was on his way to take part in his fight.

The two Romans are also at the bazaar in their new store that Osman gave them. A wagon loaded with the bodies of dead Bey’s enters the bazaar. A note was attached to the wooden wagon. The anonymous note states that this is only the beginning and that it will continue until every Turk is dead.

Osman’s response to the note is that he will take revenge for each of the Beys killed. He swears that there will be blood, or his name can not be called the real son of Ertugrul Bey.

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