Taylor Swift talks about a potential new album, ‘Woodvale’


Sorry folks, we’m not done with Taylor Swift yet. The artist, who has just released her latest album, Always just a few days ago as a birthday present for her fans, it may not be finished yet.


Appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, the star has been talking about a possible fan theory that she will have a third album soon. Fans from around the world have pondered new theories about Swift that could be a third chapter at the Folklore series. It all started when several people found the world “Woodvale” printed lighting Folklorese albumkuns.

Swift further explained during her conversation with Jimmy Kimmel that it was actually a mistake, and that ‘Woodvale’ was actually a code name for Folklore to master the project at the time. ‘Actually, when I made’ Folklore ‘- the album that came out in July – I was too scared to reveal the title of the album to even my closest teammates and management. “I did not tell anyone the album title before it appeared,” said Swift. ‘I came up with a fake code name with the same amount of letters as’ Folklore’, chose a random name, ‘Woodvale’, wanted to see what it would look like on the album cover, mocked them and decided ‘I really do not want to’ have a title on the album cover ‘and we forgot to remove the fake code name from one of them. ‘

Swift followed the same plan for the next album, Evermore, except this time the album’s code was ‘November’; however, she remembered to remove it before the album was released. “We remembered that we had taken all the ridicule off the album cover before we released it this time, so we learned our lesson,” she said.


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