Taylor Swift will release new album tonight


No, you do not dream. And yes, this will be the artist’s second album this year.


Let’s take a list of everything that happened in Taylor Swift’s life this year. Apart from the shattering records that the artist himself had previously held, released Folklore, a film in collaboration with Disney Plus and the recording of her old music due to legality, the artist is still not finished.

In a surprise announcement to her fans, Swift reveals it Evermore, what’s going to fall tonight is a “sister” album for Folklore. Along with this she will release a new song from the new album, Wilg. Swift will be joining the YouTube premiere herself to communicate with her fans.

‘To put it simply, we just could not stop writing songs. To try to express it more poetically, it feels as if we were standing on the edge of the folkloric forest and had the choice: to turn back and go back or to travel further into the forest of this music. We chose to dig deeper, ‘Swift shared in a series of notes on her social media account. ‘I’ve never done that before. In the past, I always treated albums as one-off periods and planned the next one after the release of an album, ”she continued. “There was something different about folklore. When I made it, I felt less like I was leaving and more like I was coming back, ‘she added.

The artist said that 31 becomes a milestone she has been looking forward to since 13 is her lucky number. ‘You were all so caring, supportive and considerate on my birthdays and that’s why I thought I would give you something this time! ‘I also know that the holiday season will be a lonely one for most of us, and if there’s anyone of you who goes to music to deal with missing loved ones as I do, it’s for you,’ Swift said.


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