MoMA’s film advantage honors George Clooney


The world can never really have enough of George Clooney, and MoMA’s 2020 movie benefit offered by Chanel just honored it. The star’s friends and co-stars have virtually gathered to celebrate the gift that is Clooney.


“My one chance to embrace George Clooney is being shot,” said Rajendra Roy, chief curator of film at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. “Thank you, 2020.”

Among the most famous celebrities who shared their stories about Clooney was talk show host David Letterman, who told a moving story of how the actor told Letterman something along the lines of: ‘what’s important, just keep trying. Try something different if it does not work the first time. Also Jeffrey Wright, recalls the actor and his first encounter on the set of Syriana. ‘Phones jumped out of the pockets and wallets, and cellular use was pointed out exponentially at the intersection. It was a sweltering shock of electricity as he walked through. “Women everywhere called women everywhere to let them know,” Wright said. He had my back. When I reached different projects, there was never a time that George was not interested and would not return. [to me] almost immediately, ”he added.

Bradley Cooper appears in a clip and talks about the inspiration Clooney was for all the young actors. “You inspired us and you allowed yourself to dream big because of the way you lived as an artist in this business,” Cooper said. The actor also revealed that he had auditioned for Clooney’s film, Principals back in 2008.

“He’s one of the most extraordinary people I’ve ever worked with,” said Felicity Jones, who plays with Clooney on Netflix. The Midnight Sky which will be released soon.

‘It’s an honor to be with this incredible list of honors. Some are dear friends, a couple I do not care about. You know who you are; I’m looking at you, Alfonso, ”joked Clooney as he took in all the love and praise set for him and his accomplishments.



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