Menime – The first Kashmiri female rapper


Hailing from Srinagar, Indian-occupied Kashmir, Mehak Ashraf, stage name Menime is the region’s first female rapper. Only 19 the young girl expressed the struggle of the people in the valley. Her lyrics raise political awareness about the unrest in Kashmir over the course of three decades. As she is cut off from the mainstream world, she finds her generation isolated and alienated. Her freestyle song, Injustice, put together how the youth feel that they live in fear and anxiety in the valley.



Over the years, Kashmir has produced rappers like MC Kash, Ahmer Javed and Muazzam Bhat, while singers like Ali Saiffudin and Zeeshan Nabi are also well known.

In the profession dominated by men, Ashraf is the first woman to develop her place in the hip-hop scene in the region.

Ashraf is determined to continue her music career and is currently pursuing her bachelor of arts degree at the Women’s College in Srinagar. Ashraf’s journey in the industry began during the political unrest that took over after the assassination of the youth political commander, Burhan Wani in 2016.

Inspired by Eminem, Ashraf took his name as backwards as her stage name “Menime”. She discovered her idol music in the ninth grade during the time of complete evening bell and strikes. Her other inspirations include Nicki Minaj, Drake and 50 Cent.



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