Oscars 2021 held in person or online?


The news that the Academy Awards are being held in person hit the internet by storm when an exclusive story from Variety claimed that the award ceremony would be held online. According to the reports, a representative of the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) and the Academy Awards said:


“The Oscars will be broadcast in person.”

However, another news agency, WION, claims that it is false. The news reads:

‘No, contrary to what is reported, Oscars 2021 will not have a personal ceremony as suggested by many publications. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or its Oscar-winning broadcaster ABC make many such decisions to hold personal ceremonies in the wake of pandemics. ”

Earlier, The Academy Awards were delayed by two months to check more film submissions after extending their deadline. Following the growing cases of coronavirus, the grant opportunity is likely to be further delayed. However, a broadcast at the Dolby Theater, Los Angeles, is expected on April 25, 2020.

Although it is said that the Academy will seek accountable options for a personal ceremony, the claims have been rejected according to WION.


“In fact, with the increase in cases and the consequences that do not come down, it is said that any kind of significant event will be out of the question for Oscars.”

Speculation continues as no academic statement has been made by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences or its Oscars broadcast partner ABC.


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